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Department for Vehicle Technical Inspection, Operation and Control
1) The strategical tasks of the unit:
a) guidance and site control of the professional work of the Authority's operation licensing task
b) according to the experiences gained from the control activity, in case of need amendment of internal regulation and preparation of proposals for law amendment, making  
c) forming professional opinion, submitting proposals before publication of new law and law amendments concerning the professional area
d) preparation and modification of regulations following publication of new law and law amendments
e) assembling professional materials for the preparation of joint committee negotiations in relation with international road transport, participation at the negotiations
2) The methodological tasks of the unit
a) monitoring of new agreements resulting from bilateral consultations and of the implementation, initiation of the necessary measures  
b) coordination tasks related to the production and issue of digital tachograf cards
c) preparation of expert opinion and draft resolutions for decisions of second instance 
d) Professional further training and examination of the colleagues working at the Vehicle Technical Inspection, Operation and Control professional area, preparation of necessary related materials
Vehicle Technical Inspection Unit
The practical use of harmonized statutes of the European Community regarding running & maintenance are the basic tasks of this division, among those
  • adaptation of law rules deciding on the technical terms of licensing & authorizing road vehicles,
  • determining the technical terms & legal procedures of road vehicles licensing,
  • determining about, developing and maintaining the material & objective terms of the periodical technical inspection (PTI) of the road vehicles to decide about their road-worthiness,
  • maintaining relevant road vehicle related files, preparing statistical reports, evaluation of the development of the rolling stock, staff planning with regard to this development, elaboration of projects for improvements
  • professional training for the staff of PTI stations, their continuing education & examination, maintaining relevant files
  • environmental inspection of the road vehicles, environmental checking, establishing & designing technical background to those checks & inspections, developing new checking & inspection methods, establishing a uniform inspection system countrywide, an overall audit system towards outside vehicle inspection garages, auditing improvements
  • establishing a strategy regarding road vehicles, improvements, elaborating methodological solutions
  • special requirements within the field of road transportation (dangerous goods, food transportation, passenger transportation, usage of tachographs, frigo vehicle bodies, transportation of heavy & bulky goods, livestock transportation etc.) and their enforcement.
Vehicle Operation and Control Unit
  • Control & supervision of all those written under 3.1.3, 1.) in the Corporate Organization & Operation Regulation (SZMSZ) and, road-side checking of drivers' meeting the requirements of AETR and other rules comprising driving & rest hours, the transportation of dangerous goods and road vehicles gross weight and axle pressure regulations.
  • Takes part in the working group for introducing & later applying digital tachograps.
  • Takes part in the training & examination of other fellow corps (like the Police, the National Tax and Customs
    Administration, the
    Directorate for Disaster Management) in the field of analog & digital tachographs.
  • Drafting a co-operation agreement with these fellow corps and other arrangements for joint meetings & co-ordination
  • Taking part in the project TDS (Transport Document System)
  • Elaboration & later application of a risk assessment system towards transportation companies in full harmonization with other Member States
  • Organizing operation enrichment meetings for the road-side control staff to evaluate operation experiences
  • Forming official statements & submitting proposals for further law rule amendments & alterations
  • Forming official expertise & draft resolutions supporting legal processes on the supreme level
  • Professional training for the road-side control staff members of the Administration, their examination & continuing education, preparing all examination auxiliaries such as test question databases & methodology guidance
  • An active role in the operation of international organizations, a close co-operation in professional team works within the Member States
  • Maintaining a steady flow of information & statistics data as strictly ordered by several international regulations
  • Keeping record of all companies and their vehicles taking part in international road transport
  • Preparation, publication of call for tender, evaluation of applications regarding the allocation of CEMT licenses and their distribution.
  • Determination on method of authentication of CEMT licenses and logbook, and their stockpiling.
  • Supply of data regarding CEMT licenses, processing these, forwarding them towards the CEMT Secretariat
  • Producing permissions of the exemption of traffic restriction.
  • Handover of the goods transport licenses, CEMT permits logbooks, Interbus book of passenger waybill meant for issuing to the professional area issuing them
  • Handover of documents other than permits managed by the professional area to the Regional Directorates
  • Providing information to the EU about passenger transport cabotage operations carried out by companies settled in Hungary on the territory of EU Member States in the frame of occasional service and special regular service, and about the number of cabotage permits in international scheduled passenger transport
  • Providing information about community licenses issued for goods and passenger transport and the certified copies of these
  • Providing information about the situation of digital tachograf cards' issuing production, stockpiling of CEMT certificates, realization/handing over to the representation of the vehicle manufacturers and to the Regional Directorates
  • Executing exchanges of permits in connection with bilateral agreements, keeping record of these, and notifying all interested parties and partner authorities about the handover of permits
  • Keeping contacts with all partner organizations interested in exchange of permits and other foreign partner authorities
  • Investigation of complaints regarding licenses and license issuing


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