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The National Transport Authority (NTA) was established in 2007 by the transport minister as the successor to the General Inspectorate of Transport, the Central Transport Inspectorate, the county (capital) transport inspectorates as well as to the Civil Aviation Authority. Later on the State Aviation Authority and the Hungarian Railway Office have also been integrated into it. The Authority is a budgetary institution operated and managed independently under the direction of the transport minister.
The core activity of the Authority is public administration, by carrying out the first and second instance level tasks assigned to its competence by the regulations in the following fields:
- road transport,
- civil aviation,
- state aviation,
- railways,
- railways management,
- shipping,
- others.
In Hungary the authority is the sole entity executing all administrative and supervision activities related to transport. The National Transport Authority as the central institution of the transport administration supervises and monitors the market participants' activity and operation.